Bourbon N Beer

by Bourbon N Beer

Released 2019
Bourbon N Beer LLC
Released 2019
Bourbon N Beer LLC
Where the driving bass of Vladd meets the agile voice of rock guitarist Bruce Ruth to cross genres and relate stories from the contemporary dreamscape.
Bourbon N Beer’s album has been roughly ten years in the making. During that period a lot of life happened and even some death as the band’s longtime keyboard player passed away. Nonetheless momentum grew in the last couple of years to put out BNB’s first album, an album largely based on real issues and stories from the current dreamscape.

THE JACKAL is a subtle metaphor from contemporary society. We think you’ll follow.

SHOTGUN HAPPY DAD is based on a (mostly) true story that occurred earlier in the life of one of our band members being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

ANOTHER HAND (in my pocket) is a somewhat humorous funky melody of everyday life that is a composite of a couple of our (and your) experiences.

TAKE MY BLUES AWAY is a blues song (no surprise there) with harmony opportunity for everyone!

CONFESSION EFFICIENCY is an angry song about a lover leaving abruptly without warning.

RESURRECTION is a somewhat ominous song based on the real-life story of our singer who inexplicably fell over dead in a bar for 20 minutes (received CPR continuously) and was then brought back to a weak pulse when EMTs jolted him. After lying in a coma for two days he woke up and was still the same guy.

“Life is so ethereal, I watch it through a mirror, sometimes it comes and goes, a geyser through a window.”

THE WORLD is an ode to a relationship that didn’t work out but ends on a note of hope.

We’re sure you’ll like these and want to play them again and again!

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Bourbon N Beer


Combine the sounds of Rush with the voice of Styx and you can taste the rock pulse of BNB.  


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